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    Venetian Blinds

    Venetian Blinds Malta | Ready Made With High Standards | YourBlindsMalta. Our Venetian Blinds show a versatility which enables them to be used in any kind of home, on any kind of window, together with commercial spaces and offices.

    It is very much recommended that although the same home is being installed with blinds, it would be very much appropriate to dress up different window spaces in your home with different window treatment. The blinds being used for your kitchen might be used for a totally different purpose than the ones in your bedrooms or your living room. Besides the usefulness, blinds also tend to give very distinct touches to every space making it singular in visual, hence appeal. Venetian Blinds are another option that can be added to the different types of blinds available at Your Blinds Malta, to spruce up your home.

    What are Venetian Blinds?

    Venetian Blinds are horizontal slats, around 2-inches wide, that can be fabricated from aluminium most commonly, wood or plastic. These blinds are held up by cloth tapes or cords which allows them to be tilted up to 180 degrees to allow various amounts of light into your living space. This renders them perfect for another option of window dressing which allows a veritable control over the entrance of light inside your household.

    How are they Useful and Advantageous?

    These types of blinds show a versatility which enables them to be used in any kind of home, on any kind of window, together with commercial spaces and offices. You can buy your blinds in various materials, such as plastic and wood to aluminium and PVC.

    Besides being versatile, Venetian Blinds are one of the most cost-effective methods of dressing up your window spaces with some wonderful ideas. At Your Blinds Malta, you can customize them according to whatever captures your fancy and obviously depending on your affordability. But always remember that we are here to guide you towards the best solution.

    What are Your Options?

    Venetian Blinds are renowned not only for affordability and versatility, but when made in faux wood, these aperture dressings can last you for a number of years to come, even decades, if taken care of properly and on a regular basis. Being compact and minimal in design, cleaning them regularly is not difficult at all. The slats require a simple and fast clean with a dry cloth.

    Light control is one of the main strengths of Venetian Blinds, besides all the other advantages mentioned above. With slats at two different widths, that is 25mm and 16mm, that can be opened and closed at will, you are in total control of the level of sunlight that you want to allow into your home, simply by adjusting them to the level of tilt that you desire.

    Automatically, this tilting option serves to increase the level of privacy in your home, with the Faux wood, wood, and aluminium versions being very good options if you want strong protection of your privacy, while retaining a uniform look of chic elegance, with another major advantage being their customization options.

    In this regard, our professional support team is ready to measure, install, and choose the options that will best suit your living spaces.

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