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    Roman Blinds

    Extensive Range Of Blackout Roman Blinds In Malta | YourBlindsMalta. Our affordable Roman blinds come in various colours and sizes, and can be even made to measure. Even if you're looking for blackout Roman blinds, look no further, YourBlindsMalta is your one-stop-shop.

    Roman Blinds are definitely not a contemporary creation. They very likely go back a very, very long time, but as ancient technologies evolved, so did the various ways of decorating our homes. Technically, what we see around us today in our homes is nothing more than an adaptation of a technology or style from the past, adapted to today’s needs and today’s improvements, especially when it comes to technology and usefulness.

    To properly explain romans blinds, it is important to take a look at the evolution of cloth, together with its evolution of time. Roman blinds today are made from a large range of fabrics from cotton to linen, with polyester being the favourite. With the evolution of the industries of cloth and dye, and continuous leaps being made in design, especially with the advent of the digital abilities, Roman Blinds now offer the widest range of colours, patterns and finishes.

    How do Roman Blinds Work?

    Finished off with an insulating cotton/poly blended lining, Roman Blinds use rods fed through the back of the blind and a chain to ensure neat, symmetrical pleats. Roman blinds work as one piece of flat fabric which gradually folds as the strings are pulled in concert.

    Why are these Blinds Efficient and Look Modern?

    Roman blinds are pleated so that when they are opened, they form neat, clean folds and when they are closed they lay flat; again, offering a clean and minimalistic look. Using Roman Blinds as a layered ‘look’ creates a softer finish than more modern blinds. These blinds can be installed in a variety of textured velvets and smooth suedes, which are clearly becoming highly popular.

    Roman blinds allow for particularly easy and effective control of the strong sunlight which permeates most of the year in Malta and Gozo. They can be adjusted depending on the time of day or season. Blackout options are also available if total darkness is a requirement. These options can offer interesting and useful options for living rooms and bedrooms. The possibility of choosing thermal lining means that these blinds not only serve as an efficient protection against the torrid sunlight in our islands, but also preserve the little heat that we have in our homes during the brief yet humid and cold winter months. Roman Blinds can thus also be said to be energy efficient, and another good alternative to curtains to ensure a more effective saving on electricity bills.

    Versatile Efficiency

    This type of blind can be fitted either outside or within the recess in your windows. Together with their ease of use and their fantastic and sharp look, Roman blinds have become that design which gives a very intriguing look to your home and styles it in a very effective manner.

    Plus, there’s something that is made to suit all budgets. But rest assured, that whatever your budget we will aim to help you each step of the way to find what fits your home best, because ultimately, we want you to be happy with the choices you make based on our expertise.

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