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    The Best Quality Curtains In Malta | YourBlindsMalta. Let us take care of all the curtains in your house and you will save time & save money! We stock an exclusive collection of quality fabrics which are second to none.

    When it comes to curtains, many tend to revert to their own sewing skills to save some money and with the belief that by making the curtains themselves they would be creating something which is definitely to their liking. We at Your Blinds Malta, cannot agree more to this. It is indeed pleasing to see the fruit of your labour prettifying your home and guarding you against the winter cold and the summer heat.

    But there is one better option – Having us taking care of all the curtains in your house will mean that you save time, save money, will be given more and more ideas as to how to adapt curtain styles, colours and fabric to the decor of each and every room within your house to make it a veritable home!

    Convenient Fabrics

    We stock an exclusive collection of quality fabrics which are second to none out there on the market, offering a huge palette of colours to match your own personal style and ensuring a veritable fit with the existing or planned décor of your home. You can choose from Soft Sheer fabric which filters sunlight in a soft way, allowing enough natural light to create a naturally well-lit interior, saving electricity throughout the year.

    You can opt for Semi-Opaque fabrics which are appositely made to darken rooms, but not entirely blocking all-natural light, or you can go for Blackout fabric if you want to filter out all-natural light, especially if you are choosing for bedrooms, and rooms where natural light might damage your interior décor.

    All these fabrics can be found with optional linings. These linings serve to dim out extreme lighting for an effective protection of your interior, and the added benefits of insulating your home; cooling your interiors in summer and allowing the retention of heat in winter.

    The above-described fabrics come in double width to ensure enough coverage of material without excessive sewing involved. And while we try to ensure that there is no excessive sewing, yet we promise finishing by hand with detailed attention and great care to ensure that nowhere will you see any stitching which does not please the eye. Our handiwork ensures the best quality curtains in Malta, with an eye for detail and a continued conversation with you, our customer, to guarantee sewing and stitching which will enhance the quality of the fabric itself.

    Innovative Adaptability

    Besides our superior quality handcrafted curtains and supreme fabrics, we also focus heavily on innovation. What is so innovative about our products, one might ask. Our designs are not run-of-the-mill, but ascertain years of experience, research, ideas and development which will entice you in becoming more adventurous in your home décor and in the creation of curtains which will certainly not become unfashionable over time, but will make your home a state-of-the-art living space which will render you so proud, even with the passage of time.

    Our innovation supersedes, styles and fabrics. With the options of various railings and poles, and different styles of fixtures, both on ceilings and walls, and through optional motorization, which will facilitate your lifestyle even more, we can go around any structural problems, working in synch with the existing décor of your living space.

    Discover a world of ideas which allows our fabrics to enhance your house into the home that you always desired.

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    Our consultation covers everything we need to find you the perfect curtains, from interior decor and fabric ideas to tracks, functionality, fit and budget. Call us +356 7949 8822 now or book your consultation above.